Expressions that help maintain socio-cultural inequities

March For Science Photo by Master Steve Rapport, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Changes due to Covid-19 reach far and wide, into corners of our life that we most likely don’t even consider — for example, the current ubiquity of the expression “conspiracy theory.” Language is complex. It both reflects and shapes experience. Different uses of the word “theory” provide an illustration of…

Tips for reading, writing, and talking about sexual violence

Drawing by Christie Roe. Concept by Karen Rain and Christie Roe.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month came and went in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Yet sexual violence, along with other global crises, is as relevant and urgent as ever. Our choices for US president are now Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who both have evaded testimonies from women of sexual…

Power Trip

It took me 20 years to reclaim my agency and overturn the shame

[Content warning: This post contains photographs of sexual assault, published with consent from the victim.]

When the stories about Brett Kavanaugh emerged, there were photos of him everywhere. I wondered how this impacted the women who came forward. Would seeing all those photos — not to mention live televised testimony…

Karen Rain

Karen Rain is a tutor, writer, queer feminist, activist and nature lover.

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